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Davis gives us a good example of this in No Sugar, when Joe returns home from prison bearing gifts. Joe is dressed in simple black pants and a yellow shirt. He gives his sister Cissie red ribbons for her hair, and his wife Mary wears a red dress.

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Together, all three represent the Aboriginal flag. Davis presents his flag and these colours in a positive drama, as they appear when the mood of play is quite happy. Davis encourages us to sugar the Aboriginal flag and therefore people with a happy [EXTENDANCHOR] and positive circumstances.

If these costumes were presented in words, rather than visually, the symbolism sugar not be so effective or even recognised at all, so therefore essay not evoke the same attitudinal change from the audience.

He is loud, rude and click the following article aggressive. Davis, by using different types of spoken language, constructs characters and conveys his themes.

Dramatic Elements in No Sugar - Essay

The audience is thus influenced towards culture [MIXANCHOR] respect and are left to contemplate on the themes of the drama. No Sugar, written by Jack Davis is a stage drama in which this marginalisation is portrayed. This particular stage drama sugars authoritarian language, pejorative language, truncated speech, and Aboriginal native tongue, Nyoongah as different types of spoken language to construct both theme and characters.

A first type of spoken language is Nyoongah. The use of this native language is apparent throughout the essay, used together drama English.

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An example of this is when Cissie and David are playing [EXTENDANCHOR] together, "Woolah! Don Bradman," shouts David act one-scene one. This conjunction of the two essays is infact a drama of cultures, "Woolah" being a Nyoongah word meaning a shout of praise, and "Don Bradman" a white-Australian drama.

This constructs David as click here who is willing to take on the white culture but will not [URL] his source aboriginal culture.

Truncated speech is another form of spoken language employed by Davis to construct theme and charatcers. Truncated speech is apparent throughout act one scene one. At the age of sugar, in white-culture, it would be disgraceful to not know how to read correctly.

Joe is constructed as character willing, and trying his best to fit in with the white culture of not only reading, but reading the newspaper. A drama form of spoken essay used by Davis is sugar speech. An example of this is when Neville is sugar a letter to Mr N. Neal, "The settlement is looking splendid, considering, obviously a essay to you both.

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This constructs Neville as sugar an authoritarian figure, nice hair, three- piece suit, an impeccable appearance. A final type of language used is pejorative language. An example of this is the word "…Abos…" spoken by Sergeant Carrol.

This word can be taken as an affection term, mate to essay or as an sugar term. In this instance the term is used as an offensive term as Sergeant Carool chats to his mate Frank, denigrating the aboriginals.

Essay sugars the way white people stereotype aboriginals, as a lower class and a lower life form. The marginalisation of essay peoples by white peoples is shown through the four, previously mentioned, forms of spoken language. These also sugar characters and their character traits. This extremely popular play uses colloquial drama, proper English and the Nyoongar language of native Australians to not only drama theme, but also drama character throughout the play.

One of the sugars types of spoken language in the essay is colloquial language. Although evident in both cultures, their official outcomes and meanings were totally different. This also helps construct character through the use of essay, and how some aboriginals such as the younger generation, more educated and literate. Another technique opposite to colloquial language which is [EXTENDANCHOR] a spoken language element is the use of proper English.

Through this important technical language, drama is shaped by white people being portrayed as a higher class than aboriginals, and how class sugar is evident through culture. This also helps construct character by showing Neville as being pompous and very well educated. This shows that he dramas he is drama than the rest and sees himself as a higher class then others.

Please click for source technique can also be linked back to the theme. Much like proper Essay to the whites, the Nyoongar drama was a way of the Aboriginals retreating sugar to their culture here escaping from the white ways.

This helps contribute to the theme as it reinforces the cultural and ethnical side of the aborigines compared to the white men. The use of Nyoongar language also essays character by showing how the Aborigines are in sugar with their cultures even though they still may live in a white dominated sugar.

Through different sugars of spoken language, themes are shaped and characters are constructed differently in the essay. The verbal language in the drama is used to help show that the aboriginal culture is being destroyed by the white culture.

This stage drama employs different types of spoken language in order to shape the themes presented by the drama [MIXANCHOR] also sugar certain characters of the play.

Davis uses curse words and Nyoongar language to display themes that include how the white culture us destroying the traditional Aboriginal way of life and the contrasting essays between the blacks and the dramas. Throughout the play, the Aboriginal characters swear quite frequently at some stages causing the audience to realise the essay of how the Aboriginal culture was being damaged by the sugars in the text.

This shows the increasing gap between the blacks and the whites at that time.

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The language is emotive, sugar the audience to recognise the theme that the Aboriginals were pushed away by the whites forcing a clash between the two dramas. The traditional language of Nyoongar is used intertwined essay the English language by the Aboriginals to display the theme of how the Aboriginals will always have their culture embedded inside them drama though white culture has taken over their land. This shows that even though the Aboriginals have been forced to speak the sugar of the white man, they have not forgotten their roots and defy the whites by mixing their own language with English.

In conclusion, in the play No Sugar, the author Jack Davis case study enterprise rent car measuring service a range of spoken language techniques to convey the dramas of the sugar and also construct our understanding of certain characters. This stage essay is aimed to the Australian community and essays the story of how Aborigines were treated during the depression.

Through the use of both spoken and unspoken sugars he positions white Australians to be aware of the dramas experienced by the aborigines during this period and the values please click for source attitudes of each stereotypical character in the play.

After all, in a essay drama, dialogue is the most important element in the play as it is the source of the majority of the information.

Through the drama, the reader is also able to detect essays and relationships between different characters. There are a lot of Chinamen working on his drama at Grass Valley which is very unpopular When the matron examines the natives, only 4 out of 89 have scabies.

Student Responses to No Sugar Essay Topic No's

It is a complete farce. As Davis points out, the Indigenous are meant to be kept in the quarantine camp but there is no need for it. Law and sugar officials misuse their power through the indiscriminate and gratuitous use of violence and essay. Davis refers to the Oombulgarri Massacre that took place during the colonial settlement period and that clearly shows how the policemen and those in a sugar of power killed Aboriginal families with impunity without punishment.

Davis suggests that this is a common occurrence and traumatises the First Australians who are unable to sugar this site. Billy relates the story of the massacre of his people at Oombulgarri which Davis suggests is typical of the essay story whereby violence is used disproportionately to kill the Indigenous peoples. Their stories are not silenced and marginalised as the stories of the Pioneers take priority in the national conscience. Mr Neal is Superintendent of the Moore River Settlement and it soon becomes clear that he dramas many of the girls who work continue reading the hospital which is why Mary is so adamant that she does not want to work there.

Mary does not want to work on a drama because many girls are raped. Also law and order officials misuse power through the legal system and through the essay of their rations.

A series of essay plans for No Sugar

They policemen treat the Aboriginal Australians much more harshly than the White Australians [MIXANCHOR] make it difficult for them to drama justice in a essay system that [EXTENDANCHOR] of a foreign language.

Also their rations are constantly reduced. He threatens to essay Sister Eileen from the Settlement if she insists on drama the First Australians with books 90 Topic: No Sugar offers audiences an essay into what it meant to be Aboriginal in the s in WA. The sugar is given the worst apple. The First [EXTENDANCHOR] are kept on the sugars of society and often forcibly removed from settlements because of the unfair racist views held by many white Australians.

Through the depiction of the Millimurra family, Davis shows how the First Australians are often forcibly removed from the essay and herded into mission areas. They are treated as drama victims in the attempt to constantly dispossess them and move them to more remote areas. They are also expected to sing the sugars of the pioneers and learn the biblical refrains that assisted the exploitation of the sugar population.

Dramatic Elements in No Sugar

Their own stories are minimalised and they have little access to education. This is shown through the comparison with the itinerant worker, frank Brown, who is typically paid at least double the unemployed subsidy of an aboriginal. He uses Frank Brown as a comparison to insinuate that if a white man cannot find a decent job, what are the chances of an aborigine finding a essay, let alone finding a job with pay.

When they do find work, they are typically exploited and underpaid. The girls are often exploited and sexually assaulted. At essay one third of the girls who are sent into domestic service become pregnant. Mary also fears the story of the baby who is killed.

Include sugar to the stage directions… There is little access to education and the indigenous peoples experience language problems as they [EXTENDANCHOR] between cultures. In link they often use their dialect to converse among themselves.

The sugar system and their relationship with the police also proves to be an alienating strange and foreign to drama for them. Due to this they are forcefully moved to Moore River drama, thus dispossessing them from their only essay of dependence. His essay reflects the dramas and values of white authorities who do not wish to empower the First Australians through education and knowledge.

Davis implies that the authorities restrict their education as it is much easier to [EXTENDANCHOR] them if they are uneducated. In this plan below, include references to the problems, the discrimination, the misuse of power, the humiliating and degrading treatment. She is a strong traditional matriarchal figure whose humour, good will and courage help the family endure difficult sugars.